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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Personal behavioral values: the big picture, the tolerance, innovation, the pursuit, not the success or failure of money theory.

The pursuit of spiritual realm: rooted in inner cultivation, without the need to remind the conscious, with the constraint as the premise of freedom, for others to think of kindness.

Development model: resource capitalization, capital securitization, market value maximization.

Corporate values: create an environment for employees to grow, a stage for career development and a chance to succeed. Creating value for shareholders; Create wealth for society.

Business model: innovate business model, standardize competition mode, strengthen incentive mode, and pursue good faith mode.

Business philosophy: good faith in business, pay tax, obey the law, pay attention to environmental protection, treat employees well.

Management principles: "three public three" - open, fair and impartial; Standardization, institutionalization, standardization.

Development goal: evergreen enterprise, harmonious and long.

Resource theory: the first capital is the employee, the first resource is the customer.

Work philosophy: the enterprise does the right thing, the employee does things correctly.