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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Company attaches great importance to the fulfillment of social responsibility, in the pursuit of economic efficiency, protect the interests of the shareholders at the same time, take various measures to achieve company and employees, suppliers, consumers, environment and other related aspects of the coordinated development.

Company strictly carry out the social security system, staff training and long-term incentive mechanism is established at the same time, a variety of activities enrich employees amateur life, let employees and companies grow together and harmonious development.

The company has established good interactive communication with suppliers and customers, continuously optimized supplier management, enhanced supervision and assessment, and provided assistance to suppliers to help them improve and improve; The company continuously improves the product quality, strengthens the interaction with the customer, fully understands the customer's demand, satisfies the customer's basic needs and the personalized demand in time.

Company seriously implement the state environmental protection laws, regulations and standards, concept of safety development, enhance the consciousness of the bottom line of thinking and the red line, continuously improve the system of safe production, environmental protection, etc, to establish environmental responsibility system. We will work hard to ensure the smooth operation of production and operation. We have increased investment in environmental protection, strengthened environmental management, and achieved better results.

Company attaches great importance to the investor relations management, perfecting the information disclosure, regulate foreign reception, telephone communication network platform questions answered and investors, etc, to ensure that the company information disclosure of fairness, justice, minority shareholders interests.